How to Get More Recipes on a Restricted Diet

Some diet types are more restrictive than others, and they can become even more so when you personalize your exclusions.  If you find you are not getting enough recipes with your diet type, consider these options:

Examine your exclusions

  • Consider keeping foods for which you have a good substitution
    • For example: if you don't care for coconut oil, simply substitute the cooking fat of your choice in those recipes rather than excluding all recipes that contain coconut oil
    • Pro Tip: Review our Top 20 Ingredients list when making your exclusions so that you can consider substitutions for these ingredients rather than excluding them completely
  • Consider keeping foods which are easy to leave out of a recipe
    • For example: if you don't eat olives, simply leave them out of the recipe when you are cooking
    • Pro Tip:  To remove these ingredients from your shopping list so you don't have to check them off each week, open the shopping list and select the ingredient. Click View Ingredient. Select Always Have It. 

Modify recipes to meet your needs

You may find recipes that can be modified to remove or change an ingredient to meet your dietary preferences. For example, don't want beef in your menus? Many ground beef recipes would be just as delicious with ground chicken or pork instead.

  • To modify a recipe, open the recipe card
  • Click Actions
  • Click Modify
  • Make the changes that meet your needs
  • Click here for more detailed instructions and tips for modifying a recipe

Import recipes

If you know a good resource for recipes that meet your dietary needs, you can easily import the recipes into your Recipe Box.

Add an recipe collection upgrade

Some diet types are particularly restrictive by nature.  

  • Consider one of the contributors that can be added to your plan to increase the number of recipes you have available
  • Click here for a list of our contributors
  • For instructions on adding a recipe collection upgrade to your plan, click here


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