Our Top 20 Ingredients

Real Plans recipes make use of fresh, wholesome, real-food ingredients.  You'll find the following 20 ingredients used regularly in our recipes:

A Week Of Plant Based Recipes For Dinner

1. eggs

2. onion

3. avocado

4. lemon/ lime

5. sweet potato

6. garlic

7. carrot

8. ground beef

9. bacon

10. chicken

11. banana

12. coconut milk

13. black pepper

14. cauliflower

15. zucchini

16. sea salt

17. cilantro

18. green onion

19. broccoli

20. coconut oil

These items would be great to stock up when they are on sale since they are used often in our recipes.  You can also manage your shops and ingredients to mark these as pantry items, schedule them to be purchased at regular intervals, or mark them as items you always have so they won't show up on your shopping list every week.

We recommend not marking these ingredients as exclusions in dietary restrictions to keep your recipes from being limited.  If you have a solid substitution for any of these ingredients or can just omit them as you are cooking, you will have more options and variety in your Recipe Box and Meal Plan by leaving them in your Included list. 

In addition to the Top 20 Ingredients above, it may be helpful not to exclude things like cooking oils, ghee, butter, and spices if at all possible.  These items can be easily substituted or, in some cases, omitted from the recipe, so keeping them included will increase the number of recipes you are seeing in your Meal Planner. 

Pro Tip: If you have to exclude any of these ingredients, you can modify recipes containing them to meet your specific dietary preferences.  For example, you can change the ingredient "coconut milk" to "almond milk" if you don't tolerate coconut.  Just visit this page to learn how to modify a recipe.


If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)realplans.com. 

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