How to Modify a Recipe

Modifying a recipe is a great way to make a recipe meet your specific dietary needs.  This is especially helpful if you are on a restricted diet and are receiving limited recipe options.  Some recipes may have one or two ingredients that you have excluded, keeping it from appearing in your Recipe Box or populating your Meal Planner.  If you have good substitutions for those ingredients or can just omit them from the recipe, you can easily make those changes on the recipe card so that this recipe will now meet your needs and appear in your planner!  Here's how:

To see recipes that currently do not meet your dietary restrictions, uncheck "My Diet" when searching the Recipe Box.  When you find a recipe you might like to modify, open the recipe card to view the ingredients.  If you can modify this recipe to meet your needs, select "Actions" in the upper right corner of the recipe card, and then select "Modify" from the dropdown list. 


You can now edit the recipe to meet your needs.  Simply delete any any ingredients that don't work for you and make substitutions as needed.  For example, if you don't eat pork, you can omit the bacon in this recipe or add a substitute of mushrooms.  Be sure to edit the procedure instructions to accommodate for your changes.  (Be mindful of the fact that not all substitutions are equal.  For example, you cannot substitute almond flour for wheat flour as a cup-for-cup substitution, so you will want to make sure your substitutions are accurate before modifying the recipe.  A good resource for this can be found from one of our recipe contributors, Tasty Yummies, here.)


Other reasons you may want to modify a recipe include adding a tag to make searching for this recipe easier or creating a tag to schedule in your Advanced Filters.  You can also add a note about this recipe, add or edit timeline instructions, add a side dish suggestion to the recipe, and change the diet type to match the changes you made.  For instance, if the changes you made to a recipe made it AIP-compliant, you could add AIP as a diet type so that when you search for an AIP recipe, it will now show up. 


Another reason you might modify a recipe is if you find that the number of servings the recipe makes does not match the number of servings it makes for your family.  For example, if you made a recipe that serves 4, but you found it fed your family of 4 twice, you might want to change the number of servings this recipe makes.  This is not the place to adjust serving sizes for a particular meal or to change your default number of servings. If you need to serve 8 people with this recipe instead of the 4 it was originally written for, you will need to adjust the serving sizes from the Meal Planner so as not to skew the proportions of the original recipe.  To adjust the serving sizes for a particular meal, click here.  If you usually serve 8 people and want your recipes to be adjusted to that number, you can learn how to change your default serving size here

When you change the serving size using this method (Actions->Modify or "Edit" from the app), you are essentially saying that the measurements of ingredients for this recipe will serve a different number for your family than what the original recipe says it was written for.  Changing the serving size here will not change the measurements.  This can be compared to opening a cookbook and crossing out "Serves 4" and writing in "Serves 8".  The measurements are not changed.  Only modify the serving size here if you have made this recipe before and consistently find that it feeds a different number of servings for your family using the same ingredient measurements.  Otherwise, we recommend leaving this number as is. 

**Any changes you make to the recipe card using this method are permanent changes, and the original recipe will no longer appear.  If you made a mistake when modifying the recipe or just wish to go back to the original version of the recipe, simply open the recipe card from the Recipe Box, select "Actions", and choose "Revert" from the dropdown list.  If you need any help, please visit us in chat.** 

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