How to Indicate That a Recipe Has Been Cooked (Mobile)

Once you have cooked a recipe, you will want to remove it from your list of recipes for the meal plan.  You can identify that a recipe has been cooked by moving it to the bottom of the meal plan.  

If you are using the mobile app, you will follow the steps below. If you are using the website, please click here.

Mark a recipe as cooked in your simple meal plan

When you open your simple meal plan, the recipes that are scheduled are all located at the top of the plan. This is the area for "uncooked" recipes.  Once you have cooked the recipe, you can remove it from the uncooked area, by marking it as cooked.

You can designate that a recipe in your simple meal plan has been cooked in two ways:

  • Open the meal plan
  • Swipe left on the recipe you want to mark as cooked
  • Click Cooked


  • Or use the drag and drop feature to drag the recipe that has been cooked to the bottom of the meal plan to the I cooked this area 



Mark all of the recipes as cooked in your simple meal plan

You can also mark all of the recipes as cooked if you want to clear your plan for the week.

To move all of the recipes in your simple meal plan to the I cooked this area :

  • Open the meal plan
  • Click the three bars on the upper right side of the screen


  • Select Mark all as cooked


  • All of the scheduled recipes will be moved to the I cooked this section for that meal plan

To learn how to reset a meal plan by moving all of the recipes back to the uncooked area of the plan, click here.

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