A Tour of Simple Meal Planning (Mobile)

If you are using the mobile app, you will follow the steps below. If you are using the website, please click here.

A tour of a simple meal plan in the mobile app


  1. This is the add menu. It allows you to add a recipe or a note to your meal plan. You can also add a new simple meal plan under this menu.
  2. The name of the meal plan is provided in this area. You can click the text to change the name of the meal plan, or click the down arrow to view all of your simple meal plans.
  3. All of the available actions for your meal plan are located in this area. Click on the 3 bars to view all available actions.
  4. This area is the meal plan that you are creating. You can select recipes to add from the Recipe Box. You can also change the order that the recipes are listed or even add notes to this area.  
  5. Once you have cooked a recipe, you can mark it as cooked by dragging it to this area of the meal plan.
  6. Click the calendar icon to open the current meal plan when you are viewing a different page.
  7. Click the heart icon to quickly view recipes that you have marked as favorites.
  8. Click the shopping cart icon in order to view the Shopping List for the current meal plan.
  9. Click the magnifying glass icon to access the Recipe Box. You can use the filters in this area to search the Recipe Box to find recipes that meet your needs.
  10. Click the gear icon to access your Settings. You can change between simple meal planning and calendar meal planning and change your dietary restrictions in your Settings.

Add menu actions


  • Add new recipe allows you to view the Recipe Box so that you can add a recipe to your current meal plan
  • Add note allows you to add a note to your current meal plan - click here for details
  • Add new meal plan allows you to create a new simple meal plan - click here for details

Available actions


  • View all meal plans allows you to view all of the simple meal plans that you have available in your account - click here for details
  • Duplicate this plan allows you to create a copy of the current simple meal plan - click here for details
  • Rename this plan allows you to rename the current simple meal plan - click here for details
  • Print this plan allows you to print the current simple meal plan - click here for details
  • Delete this plan will delete the current simple meal plan. Note: this action cannot be undone - click here for details
  • Mark all as uncooked allows you to mark all of the recipes on your simple meal plan as uncooked. You can use this action when you want to reset a plan you have already used before - click here for details
  • Mark all as cooked allows you to mark all of the recipes in the current simple meal plan as cooked - click here for details
  • Change image size allows you to change the size of the images in the meal plan

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)realplans.com.

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