How to Use Filters to Search Your Recipe Box (Mobile)

Your Recipe Box is the place to find all of the recipes available to you. 

Follow the steps below if you are using the mobile app. If you are using the website, click here.

Access your Recipe Box

  • Click on Magnifying Glass on the bottom of the screen
  • When you open the Recipe Box, it will show you the recipes that meet your dietary restrictions by default

Search the Recipe Box

  • Search for a recipe by name
    • Type the name of a recipe in the search box to search for a recipe by title
    • Click return once you have entered the name or search term
  • Use filters to search the recipe box
    • In the Find recipe/ingredient box, click the filter icon on the right side of the box
    • Select the filters you would like to use
    • Click See recipes at the bottom
    • See below for more information on the filters that are available
    • Note: Toggle Show recipes within my diet to off (white) to view all of the recipes in your Recipe Box, even the ones that don't meet your dietary restrictions


Select any of these filters to help narrow your search

  • Filter by Course
    • Narrow your search down to the course you need
  • Filter by Main Ingredient
    • Choose the main ingredient you want to spotlight in your meal
  • Filter by Diet Type
    • Helps you find meals for special occasions when you need a recipe that is outside of your normal diet
    • Allows you to view recipes from a different diet type if you are considering changing diets  
  • Filter by Favorite Recipes
    • Favorite Recipes are those that have been marked as Liked, by clicking on the heart icon on the recipe card, or Disliked, by indicating that you never want to see it again
    • If you have not Liked or Disliked a recipe, this filter will not be visible
    • Search through recipes you have rated as Liked
    • Toggle Show recipes within my diet to off (white) to review recipes that have been Disliked in case your dietary preferences have changed
  • Filter by Tags
    • Search by preset tags for a variety of options
    • Includes options such as simple, kid friendly, slow cooker, pressure cooker, and make ahead breakfasts
    • Create your own tags as needed to personalize your recipes
    • Check multiple tags to narrow your search

Click Additional options to see the following filters:

  • Filter by Season
    • Take into account the types of fresh produce that are available in each season
    • Accounts for the types of meals you are more likely to cook in that season such as BBQ for summer and soups for winter
    • Include multiple seasons to expand the results
  • Filter by Carbs Per Serving
    • Search by the desired number of total carbs per serving of each recipe
  • Filter by Calories Per Serving
    • Search by the desired number of calories per serving of each recipe
  • Filter by Origin
    • Origin filters by recipe developer and includes:
      • Real Plans Basic Subscription recipes
      • Recipes you have modified (Real Plans-Modified)
      • Recipes you have imported (Imported By You)
      • Your add-on recipe collections, like Nom Nom Paleo or Whole30 upgrades
  • Filter by # of Ingredients
    • Search based on how many ingredients are in each recipe
    • Pantry ingredients such as spices and oils are not included in the ingredient count
    • Allows you to see actual non-pantry ingredients that will be needed in each recipe
  • Filter by Active Time or Total Time
    • Search for recipes based on the preparation time only
    • Search for recipes based on total (preparation plus cooking) time
  • Filter by Ingredient Cost
    • Search for recipes within different cost categories
  • Filter by Cuisine
    • Use the cuisine filter when you are looking for a recipe that fits a particular culinary region
  • Filter by Whole30 Reintroduction ingredient
    • Whole30 subscribers who have finished their Whole30 Reset and are ready for reintroductions can search using the Whole30 Reintroduction filter
    • This option is only visible if you have a Whole30 subscription and the toggle Show recipes within my diet is off (white)
  • Filter by Package Recipes
    • Browse through the recipes in any recipe packages that you have purchased, such as the Quick and Easy Recipes
  • Search using multiple filters
    • Narrow your searches by choosing multiple filters
      • For example, search for a recipe that uses a slow cooker and has chicken as the main ingredient


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