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May 2022 - Simple meal planning and changes to the icons

We have introduced simple meal planning, which allows you to create a meal plan each week that is free from the constraints of a calendar.  This allows you more flexibility to determine when you want to cook a recipe instead of assigning it to a specific meal time.

We have also removed the icons on the meal planner and shopping list pages.  All of those functions are now available by using the drop down menu associated with the "View" menu in the upper right corner of the website.

August 2021 - Changes to the Shopping List

Updates to the Shopping List to make shopping for multiple weeks easier than ever.

April 2021 - New leftovers icon

Leftovers are now indicated by our new stacked containers icon to make them easier to identify.




April 2021 - We have updated how you mark your favorite recipes

We have removed the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to mark your favorite (or least favorite) recipes and replaced them with a new method.

If you really love a recipe, click the heart icon on the recipe card to mark it as a favorite.  

But what if you want to remove a recipe from your Recipe Box? Instead of giving it a thumbs down, you will now click Actions > Never see again on the recipe card for that recipe.




January 2021 - Quickly Add Whole30 Staple Ingredients to Your Shopping List

If you have the Whole30 diet type, and your Whole30 functions are turned on, you now have the option to quickly add some of the most commonly used Whole30 staple ingredients using the Manage Scheduled Ingredient icon.  For details, please visit How to Manage the Items on Your Shopping List.



September 2020 - Produce Subcategories

To make shopping the produce section easier, we have introduced subcategories for Produce on your Shopping List.  Now, when you view your Shopping List, you will see a section for Refrigerated and one for Non-refrigerated items under Produce.  If you need to change the subcategory for any ingredient to reflect your personal shopping experience, you can do that by managing that ingredient.


September 9, 2020 - Recipe Ratings

We are happy to announce that you can now rate recipes in the Recipe Box!  You can give the recipe a star rating and even enter comments on the recipe if you would like. Go ahead and give it a try the next time you cook.



March 19, 2020 - New Recipe Box Filter: # of Ingredients

We have been listening to you over the past few days to find out how we can be most useful. So we are rolling out various initiatives to make cooking easier in the home.

The first was to add the # of ingredients filter in the Recipe Box. You can now search based on how many ingredients are in each recipe. We take out the spices and oils from this filter so you can really see how many non-staple ingredients are needed per recipe.

So now you can enter the ingredients you have in the kitchen and find simple easy recipes in your recipe box to keep things inspired...


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