How to Use Macro Tracker

How to add Macro Tracker to your subscription

  • Open your Meal Planner
  • Click on the gray Macro Tracker link*
  • After completing the purchase, open your Meal Planner again
    • If you don't see Macro Tracker in your Meal Planner, log out and then log back in again
  • Click the Macro Tracker link, which will now be blue

*Don't see the Macro Tracker option? Macro Tracker is not available with the Whole30 diet settings. Mobile app users:  This feature is currently available on our website only. You can access our website at using your preferred mobile device's web browser.

View Macro Tracker

  • Click Macro Tracker to view today's log
  • Use the left and right arrows to navigate to other days you wish to view
  • Click Switch to Percentages to show the macros in percentages


Update Macro Tracker to Reflect Your Day

  • Click on a recipe to remove it from your tracker or to change your portion sizes
    • Change the number of servings or the unit of measure to reflect your actual meal
    • Change the macro numbers, if needed, if you did not eat the recipe as written*
  • Click Update to save those changes
  • If you did not eat this recipe today, click Remove to remove it from your Daily Tracker

*For help adjusting macro amounts to reflect omitting an ingredient in a recipe or adding more than the recipe calls for, you can use the USDA website to look up the specific ingredients.


Add an Ingredient or Recipe that was not on your Plan

To add foods that were not scheduled on your meal planner

  • Click the dropdown and select Recipe or Ingredient
  • Type the recipe or ingredient name
  • Select the correct one from the list*   
  • Enter the quantity eaten, unit of measure, and select which meal
  • Click Add

*If the ingredient that you added is not in the Real Plans database, you will need to enter the information in the window that opens so that the ingredient can be included in your Macro Tracker.



View the Weekly Summary

To view a weekly summary of your macros:

  • Click on Summary 
  • Values in green mean that you were below or met your goal
  • Values in red mean that the goal macros were exceeded



Set your Goals

To set macro goals:

  • Click Goals in the left-hand sidebar
  • Enter your goals manually or use our Macro Calculator to have the system generate the goals for you

Create Profiles in Macro Tracker

To create profiles for each family member: 

  • Click on Change Profile in the upper right corner of the Macro Tracker
  • Select Add New to add a new profile and
  • Type the name of the new user in the box 
  • Click Change
  • To remove a profile:
    • Click Edit Profiles 
    • Select the profile you wish to remove


How to Disable Macro Tracker Functions

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on My Meal Plan
  • Click on Advanced Settings
  • Please note that this does not remove Macro Tracker from your account, it only temporarily disables the functions until you are ready to use it again.


If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)



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