How to Use the Whole30 Template Meal Plans

If you don't need to customize your schedule or add any other dietary restrictions, you can use our pre-made Whole30 template that provides 3 meals a day, 7 days a week to help you rock your Whole30. If you happen to find a recipe that is scheduled that isn't quite what you want at a meal time, you also have the freedom to manually replace recipes as needed.

Template Meal Plans

With the Whole30 template meal plan, all you will need to do is to select your start date and then click Deploy Template Plan or View Plan.



The templates are set up so that you are ready to use them without making any changes.

  • The days of the week and the day of your Whole30 are indicated in calendar.
    Whole30 Days.png

Available actions


  • View timeline allows you to view the timeline for the week to help you remember when to cook, defrost ingredients, start a slow cooker, etc.
  • View your pantry allows you to make adjustments to your pantry settings to help you search for recipes based on ingredients you have on hand - click here for details
  • Print this plan allows you to print the current meal plan - click here for details
  • Clear this plan will remove all of the recipes and notes for the current week, leaving you with a blank meal plan. Note: this action cannot be undone
  • Re-run this plan - generates a new plan that replaces all of the meals for the week
  • Copy this plan allows you to create a copy of the current automated meal plan that you can schedule for a future week

Navigating the Recipe Box

  • Browse through the recipes in the Recipe Box that is located next to the scheduled recipes
    • To view only the recipes that meet your specified dietary restrictions, be sure the Show recipes within my diet toggle is on (green)
    • Navigate through all pages of the recipes using the menu at the bottom
  • Leave the search box blank and search using only the available filters on the left side of the screen
    • Click on any of the filters to expand the list of options
  • Type the name of an ingredient or recipe in the search box
    • Then add filters to narrow your search
    • For additional information on using the filters in the Recipe Box, click here
  • To add a recipe from the Recipe Box, click on the recipe and drag it to the meal time for which you would like to schedule it during the week

Move a recipe on the plan

  • Click and hold on a recipe while you move it to a different meal and/or day
    • Select Move this recipe

Delete a recipe from the plan

  • To remove a recipe from your week, click the X for that meal and it will remove it from that week's meal plan

Accessing other functions

  • Click on the ... within a meal time to access additional features associated with planning, including: 
    • Add recipe - use the add recipe tool to browse through recipes
    • Add note - add a note to your planner that will appear in the meal time that week
    • Add ingredient - add an ingredient to your meal plan; will also add it to your shopping list
    • Remove meal - removes the scheduled entree and any side dishes from the meal time
    • Move meal - moves the scheduled entree and any side dishes to another meal time that you can select
    • Copy meal - copies the scheduled entree and any side dishes to another selected day
    • Add leftover - allows you to add a leftover to the selected meal time 


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