How to Reach Real Plans Support

While we have worked hard to make Real Plans easy to use, we know that sometimes you may have a question about something.  We have several resources available to help you.

Live chat

  • On the website
    • Click Chat with Specialist in the lower right corner during our available chat hours
  • For mobile app users
    • Click the gear icon (this is where you access your settings)
    • Select Get help at the bottom during our available chat hours

Email support

  • Email us at support(at) at any time

Premium Membership

  • For a low monthly rate, the Premium Membership provides you with access to a meal planning concierge team
    • Schedule calls with the concierge team
    • Receive assistance with planner set up
    • Receive personalized assistance with your meal planner
    • For more information, visit this web page

Social media

  • Facebook - we have a private Facebook group (Real Plans Facebook group) for subscribers to ask questions, share recipe photos, and to provide moral support for each other
  • Instagram - Follow us on Instagram @realplans

Support articles

You can find the answers to practically any question you may have in our Support Articles.

  • Click on Support in the upper right corner of our website next to Settings
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