How to Update Ingredients on Your Shopping List (Website)

You can update the information for an ingredient to fit your needs.

If you are using the website, you will follow the steps below.  If you are using the mobile app, click here.

Update ingredient information in your Shopping List

For each ingredient, you can choose the store where you would like to purchase it and the department in the store where you'll find it.

  • Open your Shopping List
  • Hover your cursor over the ingredient to see the recipes in which that ingredient is used
  • Click on the quantity of the ingredient
  • Click View Ingredient
  • Add or edit any details for that ingredient
    • Ingredient name
    • Quantity needed
    • Unit of measure
    • The category in which the ingredient appears
      • Note: the Produce category has 2 subcategories: Refrigerated and Non-refrigerated that you can choose between
    • The shop where you will purchase the ingredient
    • Indicate that you always have that ingredient on hand
    • Schedule the frequency that you want to purchase that ingredient
    • Update the image
    • Make a note
    • Note: changes made here will not make changes to the recipe(s) for which the ingredient is used
  • Click Save


Pro tip: If an item is something that is always stocked in your pantry (for example, salt), you can check the box for Always Have It. This will automatically move the ingredient to your Already have list when it appears in a recipe.


If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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