A Tour of Calendar Meal Planning (Website)

With calendar meal planning, the Planner view allows you to see your entire meal plan and quickly schedule recipes all in one place.  We've added a smaller version on the recipe box on the left side of the meal planner to make it easier to make changes to your plan. 


Access your Calendar Meal Planner

  • Click on Planner in the upper left corner
    • If you are currently in simple meal planning, click here to learn how to change to calendar meal planning
  • The left side of the Planner shows a smaller version of your Recipe Box
  • The top row of the planner shows the days of the week
  • The rows below the day of the week are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively
    • If you are tracking macros, another row will appear at the bottom of each day that will show the macro counts for the day 

View additional weeks

  • Use the arrows next to the specified days to view other weeks 
    • Navigate forward to see the 3 future weeks
    • Navigate backward to view past weeks
  • Click the calendar to move to a specific week quickly

Navigating the Recipe Box

  • Browse through the recipes in the Recipe Box that is located next to the scheduled recipes
    • To view only the recipes that meet your specified dietary restrictions, be sure the Show recipes within my diet toggle is on (green)
    • Recipes at the top of the Recipe Box are those that have been marked as favorites
    • Navigate through all pages of the recipes using the menu at the bottom
  • Leave the search box blank and search using only the available filters on the left side of the screen
    • Click on any of the filters to expand the list of options
  • Type the name of an ingredient or recipe in the search box
    • Then add filters to narrow your search
    • For additional information on using the filters in the Recipe Box, click here
  • To add a recipe from the Recipe Box, click on the recipe and drag it to the meal you would like to schedule it for during the week

Minimize the Recipe Box

  • Click on Minimize in the lower right corner of the Recipe Box area 
    • This collapses the Recipe Box area so that you will only see the meal plan for the week
    • The new view will include the images for each of the scheduled recipe

Move a recipe on the plan

  • Click and hold on a recipe while you move it to a different meal and/or day
    • Select Move this recipe

Delete a recipe from the plan

  • To remove a recipe from your week, click the X for that meal and it will remove it from that week's meal plan

Accessing other functions

  • Click on the ... within a meal time to access additional features associated with planning, including: 
    • Add recipe - use the add recipe tool to browse through recipes
    • Add note - add a note to your planner that will appear in the meal time that week
    • Add ingredient - add an ingredient to your meal plan; will also add it to your shopping list
    • Remove meal - removes the scheduled entree and any side dishes from the meal time
    • Move meal - moves the scheduled entree and any side dishes to another meal time that you can select
    • Copy meal - copies the scheduled entree and any side dishes to another selected day
    • Add leftover - allows you to add a leftover to the selected meal time 


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