Real Plans Referral Program


Loving Real Plans so much that you are telling your friends and family about it? Be sure to take part in our Referral Program.

How it works

  • Tell your friends, family, neighbors, coffee barista, or simply everyone, about Real Plans.
  • Ask them to submit your email as a referral in the cart when they sign up.
    • Be sure that you give them the email address associated with your Real Plans account so the referral can be linked to you.
    • They must sign up for a Real Plans subscription though the website.
    • Referral program is not available for subscriptions placed through the mobile app.
  • At the end of every quarter we will give away one free year of Real Plans to the person with the most referrals.
    • Winners will be announced on our Real Plans Community Facebook page as well as on Instagram. 

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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