How to Set Up a Macro-Driven Meal Plan

If you would like your meal plans to be generated based on a certain number of calories or based on the net carbs, fat, and protein, you can set that up as a macro driven meal plan.  Please note that our Macro Tracker tool is required in order to use the Macro-Driven Meal Plans. Macro-driven meal plans are not available with Whole30 settings.

Access your settings

  • Click on Settings
  • Select My Meal Plan
  • This opens the Diet and Schedule page where you can specify dietary restrictions as well as make adjustments to your schedule.

Turn on macro-driven meal plans

  • Toggle Use macro-driven meal plans to On or Off
    • When macro-driven meal plans are toggled on, the options on the Diet and Schedule page will change as a recipe or leftover will be scheduled for every meal during the week
  • Click on Detail to make changes to the desired calories and macros
  • Change the macro values, if needed
    • Note: Make sure that the percentages of all of the macros combined add up to 100%

Make changes to diet type, if needed

  • Change your diet type by selecting an option from the dropdown menu
  • Set Advanced dietary restrictions to exclude entire food groups and/or individual ingredients
  • Set the number of servings you would like for each meal
  • Click Save

Note: When macro-driven meal plans are active, the schedule cannot be customized. 

Confirm your changes

  • Update my plan
    • Applies your changes to the current week and future weeks
    • This overwrites your entire plan, including the current week
  • Update my future plan
    • Applies your changes on the following week's meal plan
    • The current week will not change

If you need assistance, please visit us in chat during our normal chat hours, or send us an email at support(at)

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