How to Remove a Recipe from your Recipe Box

Remove a recipe from your recipe box

To remove a recipe from your Recipe Box:

  • On the website, open the recipe card
    • Click Actions
    • Select Never see again 
    • The recipe will not appear in your Meal Planner on future schedules
    • You can re-instate the recipe to your Recipe Box at any time
  • On the mobile app, open the recipe card
    • Click the ... in the upper right corner
    • Select Never see this recipe again

Add a recipe back to your recipe box that has been removed

If you would like to add a recipe back in your Recipe Box that you had previously removed, you will need to log in to the website in order to do that. Recipes can not be re-instated from the mobile app.

  • On the website, open the Recipe Box
    • Remove the My Diet filter
    • Navigate to Favorite Recipes in the filters area
    • Select Disliked
    • Find the recipe you would like to add back to your Recipe Box
    • Open the recipe card
    • Click Actions
    • Click Re-instate recipe
    • That recipe will begin populating in your Meal Planner again


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