How to Organize and Rate Recipes in Your Recipe Box

Our thumbs up/down rating system for our recipes gives you the power you to rate the recipes in your Recipe Box to mark the ones you love most or to show which ones aren't your favorites.  Recipes you have marked with a thumbs up will show up in your Meal Planner more often, and ones you've marked as thumbs down will not appear in your Meal Planner again.  

When you place your cursor on a recipe in the Recipe Box, you will see thumbs up and down symbols for you to tell us if this is a recipe you wish to see again or one you'd rather not have. 


If you loved a recipe and wish to have it populate your Meal Planner more often, you can mark it with a thumbs up.  You will now see that the thumbs up symbol is filled in, so you can quickly see which recipes you have marked as favorites.


If you didn't like a recipe or just know that it is something you won't eat, click on thumbs down to keep it from showing up in your Meal Planner again.  The thumbs down will now be filled in, and this recipe will no longer appear in your Meal Planner or Recipe Box searches unless you come back to change your rating.  You can change your rating at any time.  If you decide to remove the thumbs down rating from a recipe, simply click on the thumbs down symbol.  The thumb will no longer be filled in, and the rating will be removed.  This will allow that recipe to begin populating your Meal Planner again. 

You can also rate the recipe from an open recipe card in the same fashion.  You will find the thumbs up/down symbols just under the picture of the recipe when the recipe card is open.


 This rating system will help you organize your Recipe Box by categorizing your liked (thumbs up) and disliked (thumbs down) recipes.    This will allow you to easily search for favorites in your Recipe Box.  Look for "Rated Recipes" on the left side of your Recipe Box.


If you wish to further organize your Recipe Box by marking which recipes you'd like to try or which ones would be good for certain occasions, we recommend using our customizable tags feature.  You can learn how to create and use your own custom tags here.  

Please visit us in chat if we can help you organize and rate your recipes or send us an email on support (at) 

**Mobile app users:  This function is only available on our website at this time.  You can access our website at using your preferred mobile device's web browser.**

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