Android App: How to Set your Diet Type and Schedule

This article guides users on how to set up and make changes to their diet and schedule using the Android app.  If you are using the iPhone app, please click here.

Set your diet and schedule using the Android app


Set up your dietary restrictions and schedule

  • Click the gear icon (this is where you access your settings)
  • Click Customize meal plan and diet
  • Click Customize my plan  - Please note that you must complete all of the screens in this set up in order for your changes to be saved
  • Select the desired diet type from the drop down menu
  • Real Plans will automatically make your meal plans fit your selected diet type, but you can exclude additional foods:
    • To exclude an entire food group:
      • Click on each food group you want to exclude
      • Click on Continue at the bottom of the screen
      • Click here for a detailed explanation of each food group
    • To exclude an individual ingredient:
      • Enter the food you wish to avoid in the box under "Search ingredients"
      • Click on each individual ingredient that you want to exclude
        • Confirm each exclusion
      • Click on Save and continue at the bottom of the screen
    • Pro Tips:
      • Excluding foods reduces the number of recipes available in your Recipe Box
      • If you need to exclude nightshades from your diet, be sure to exclude both nightshades and potatoes (sweet potatoes are not nightshades)
      • We recommend not excluding foods for which you have a good substitution or could easily omit.  Here is a list of our Top 20 Ingredients that we recommend not excluding.
  • Set your meal planning schedule
    • Select the days you want a meal scheduled
      • Toggle the meals you want scheduled to green
      • Toggle the meals you don't want scheduled to white
    • Customize the schedule using filters
    • Visit the Advanced Filters support article for detailed information on how to set up filters to refine your meal planner
    • Add notes
      • Add any notes that you want repeated on a specific meal each week
    • Click Continue to save your changes

Confirm your changes

  • Update my plan
    • Applies your changes to the current week and future weeks
    • This overwrites your entire plan, including the current week
  • Update my future plans
    • Applies your changes on the following week's meal plan
    • The current week will not change


If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please pop into chat with us, or send us an email at support at realplans dot com.

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