Importing Recipes Using the Google Chrome Extension

If Google Chrome is your preferred browser when using Real Plans, you will love the Real Plans extension for Chrome to make importing recipes even easier!  Just click here to get the extension, and follow these instructions:

After clicking on the link above, select "Add to Chrome" in the upper right of the Real Plans extension window as seen below.

You will be asked if you wish to add this extension.  Click “Add extension”. 

The Real Plans extension icon, , will be added to your browser toolbar.  Now you are ready to browse for recipes and can quickly add them to your Real Plans Recipe Box!

When you find a recipe you want to import, simply click the extension icon .  You will be prompted to log in to your Real Plans account.

Once logged in, click on "Import Recipe". 

You will then get a pop up window to select the image you want for your recipe import.  Ingredients and recipe procedures should be pre-filled. If they are not, you can manually copy and paste them into the appropriate fields.  Give your recipe the appropriate tags for season, diet type, course, and main ingredient, as well as any other tags you'd like to add, so that it will be scheduled into your Meal Planner.  Click "Save" when finished.

For more information on importing recipes into your Recipe Box, take a look at our support article about importing recipes here.  You will find step-by-step instructions and great tips on how to get the most out of your imported recipes.


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