How to Import Recipes Using the Google Chrome Extension (Website)

If Google Chrome is your preferred browser, you can use the Real Plans extension to import recipes into your Recipe Box.

Add the Real Plans extension to your browser

  • Click here to get the extension
  • Select Add to Chrome
  • Confirm that you want to add the Real Plans extension
  • The Real Plans extension icon will be added to your browser toolbar


Import a recipe using the Real Plans Extension

As you browse the web, you may find a recipe you would like to add to your Recipe Box.

  • Click the extension icon, the Real Plans logo, located in the upper right corner of your web browser
  • Log in to your Real Plans account
  • Click on Import Recipe
  • Select the image you want displayed on the recipe card
  • Review and make any adjustments to the ingredient list and the instructions
    • In some situations, the import tool may not recognize the content on the webpage, so it is necessary to manually enter the information
  • If desired, enter the active time, total time, servings, and any tags you would like to include
  • Select any applicable categories
    • For a recipe to schedule automatically, SeasonCourse, and Main Ingredient must be specified
  • Click Save in the upper right corner of the recipe card
  • Verify the ingredients and their quantities
  • Click Confirm

For more information on importing recipes into your Recipe Box, click here.


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