How to Copy a Meal Plan to Another Week (Website)

When you are in calendar meal planning, sometimes you may find that you have a meal plan that you want to use again in a week or so.  You can easily copy your entire week, complete with notes and any added ingredients, to use again another week.

Mobile app users:  This feature is currently available on our website only. You can access our website at using your preferred mobile device's web browser.

Copy a Meal Plan

  • Open the Meal Planner to the week that you want to copy
  • Click the drop down arrow on the right side of the screen next to View Shopping List and select  Copy this plan
  • Select the week to which you’d like to copy the meal plan from the dropdown menu
  • Click Copy
    • This will completely erase the meal plan for the week you have chosen to copy the plan to, so if there is a recipe scheduled that week that you wish to keep, you may want to print the plan for that week or make a note of it before you make this change.


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