How to Archive Recipes so They Will No Longer Appear in Your Recipe Box

If you find some recipes that you know you will never make or that you just don't like, you can archive those recipes to keep from seeing them in your Recipe Box.  Archived recipes will not be scheduled into your weekly Meal Planner. 

Note:  If you want to archive a recipe because it uses equipment you do not have, like Sous Vide or Instant Pot, you can simply change your Equipment Settings here to keep from seeing those recipes without actually having to archive them.

Once you have decided to archive a recipe, open the recipe card. In the upper right corner, select  and then .  You will receive an alert that this recipe will be removed from your Recipe Box. 

Select "Confirm" if you wish to continue archiving the recipe.  You will be sent to the Recipe Box, and the recipe you archived will no longer be visible.  It will not show up in searches or populate your weekly Meal Planner.

If you should decide that you want to see this recipe again, you will need to remove it from your Archived Recipes list.  From the Recipe Box, you should see the words "Manage Archived Recipes" in the upper right-hand corner. 

You will see this window pop up:

Click on "Unarchive" next to any recipe you wish to put back in your Recipe Box.

Select "Confirm" to place this recipe back into the Recipe Box.  Continue in this process until all the recipes you want to unarchive have been placed back into the Recipe Box.  Click "Close" when finished.  These recipes will now be visible in Recipe Box searches and may be scheduled in your weekly Meal Planner rotation. 

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