How to Add a Recipe to your Meal Planner Directly from the Recipe Box

Click Recipe Box on the upper left of your Meal Planner and it will take you to our extensive and customizable list of all of the recipes that fit your diet type.

Spend some time exploring and when you find a recipe that you're interested in, hover your curser over the recipe. 

From here, you can chose to View the full recipe, or just skip that and Schedule it directly into your planner. 

If you want to add a recipe that you have viewed, click Actions on the top right of the recipe card and select Schedule.

After selecting Schedule on either screen, you will be prompted to choose the calendar date and meal where you want it to appear.

This is an integral part to making your meal plan perfect for you. If you're struggling with it, contact our customer service team by clicking on chat on the bottom right of your screen so they can give you a hand.






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