Major Settings- Selecting Your Hemisphere, Weekly Start Day, and Whole30 and Macro Tracker Functions

It is important to select the correct hemisphere and weekly start date for your plan.  If you have our Whole30 Package, you will also want to be sure your Whole30 Function is on.  All of those things can be done by heading to Settings->Options->Major Settings. 

**Please note that changing any settings on this page will change your entire plan, so if you've created the perfect plan for this week, be sure to save it to your computer or print your plan before applying any changes here.** 



Selecting the correct hemisphere will ensure that you receive seasonal produce in your meal plans. Use the dropdown to select the hemisphere that applies to you to be sure you are getting seasonal ingredients catered to your hemisphere. 

Weekly Start Day

It is recommended to start your Meal Planner the day after you normally do your grocery shopping.  If your grocery day is Sunday, then your Meal Planner should start on Monday.  Simply choose the weekly start day that works best for you from the dropdown menu.  (Please note that this is NOT your Whole30 start date if you are a Whole30 subscriber.  You can change your Whole30 start date in Settings->Whole30.)

Whole30 Function

If you have our Whole30 package, you can turn your Whole30 function off here when you have completed your Whole30 program, if desired. You can turn it back on at any time should you wish to do another round of Whole30. 

When you have completed making your changes to your liking, select Update to apply them and return to your Meal Planner.

Macro Tracker Function

If you have added the Macro Tracker to your Real Plans subscription, you can turn this function on and off here.  (The Macro Tracker cannot be used in conjunction with Whole30 since macro tracking is not compliant with the Whole30 program.)  You can learn more about our Macro Tracker here and how to use it here


**Using the app?  Click here to learn how to update your settings from our mobile app.  (The Macro Tracker is only available on our website at this time.)**Save

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