How to Change Your Default Serving Size

When you signed up with Real Plans, you were prompted to choose your default number of servings.  This is the number of people for whom you normally cook.  If that number has changed due to a new addition to the family or an older child leaving the nest, for example, you can easily change your default serving size by heading to Settings -> Options -> Basic Settings.

**This will change the default number of servings that will apply to all of your meals.  If you just want to change the number of servings you need for a single meal, see this article.  Changing your default serving size will not affect your Advanced Filters settings if you have adjusted serving sizes for specific meals there.**



Use the arrows to increase or decrease your servings to the desired number.  Then, click Done to update your Meal Plan.  This change does not reset your scheduled meals or changes you have made to them, so feel free to change this number as the need arises.

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