How to Find Nutritional Information for Our Recipes (Website)

Looking for the Nutritional Information for our recipes? 

If you are using the website, you will follow the steps below. If you are using one of the mobile apps, please click here.

View nutritional information

  • Open the recipe card for any recipe
  • Click Actions
  • Select Nutritional info


For more information about the nutritional information on our recipes, please check out the Real Plans Nutrition Facts.

Edit nutritional information

When you modify an existing recipe or import a new recipe, sometimes the system is not able to recognize an ingredient in the ingredient list. When this happens, you will get a message that an ingredient is not recognized and the nutritional information is not available.  If you would like to enter the nutritional information for that recipe, you can manually do so. You will need to log in through our website in order to edit the nutritional information for a recipe, as this feature is not available through the mobile app.

  • On the website, open the Recipe Box
  • Open the recipe card for any imported or modified recipe
  • Click Actions
  • Select Edit nutritional info
  • Enter the nutritional information
    • Calories are calculated based on the fat, protein, and carbs entered
  • Click Save


If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)




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