Android App: Choosing Your Options and Settings Preferences

Get set for meal-planning success by setting your options and preferences to meet your needs. 

This article guides users on how to set up and make changes to their diet and schedule using the Android app.  If you are using the iPhone app, please click here.


Start by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of your screen and tap "Options". 


Basic Settings

Our Basic Settings will help you set your default serving size, measurement preference (US or metric) and timezone.  You can also choose or change the store where you do most of your shopping.



Major Settings

Here you can select the correct hemisphere and weekly start day for your plan.  These settings are very important to your Meal Planner. Selecting the correct hemisphere ensures you are receiving the correct seasonal recipes.  

You will also want to choose the start day or the week that works best for you.  We recommend selecting the day after you normally do your grocery shopping to ensure you have the freshest ingredients for your meals, so if you normally shop on Saturdays, your weekly start day should be Sunday.

Whole30 Function

If you have our Whole30 subscription, you can turn your Whole30 function off here when you have completed your Whole30 program, if desired. You can turn it back on at any time should you wish to do another round of Whole30.

**Please note that changing any settings on this page will change your entire plan, so if you've created the perfect plan for this week, be sure to save it to your computer or print your plan before applying any changes here.** 



Email Settings

Here you can set your email preferences to have your weekly meal plan emailed to you!  You can also tell us whether or not you wish to receive general emails with exciting and helpful information from Real Plans. 



Equipment Settings

You can easily adjust your Equipment Settings to turn off appliances you don't own.  This will keep recipes using those appliances from showing up in your Meal Planner or Recipe Box. Simply slide the toggle to green for the appliances you own and to red for the ones you don't.  (You may need to log out and back in for these setting to apply.)

You can change your Equipment Settings at any time, so if you end up getting a pressure cooker for Christmas, just come back and slide the toggle to green to see all of our delicious pressure cooker recipes!



Advanced Settings

With our Advanced Settings, you can fine tune your Meal Planner and Recipe Box to improve your search results to find the recipes that work for you.

 Show All "Serve With" Suggestions

Most of our entrees have a suggested recipe to serve as a side dish.  Turning this function on will allow you to see all the "serve with" suggestions, even if they do not meet your current dietary preferences.  If you only wish to see "serve with" suggestions that fit your diet type and exclusions, you would need to turn this function off by sliding the toggle to the left to turn it red (off). 


Show All Recipe Variants

Our recipes have many different variations to serve the different diet types we accommodate. The same recipe might have dairy-free, gluten-free, AIP, and Whole30 versions. To only see the variant that applies to your diet type, slide the toggle to red to turn this function off.


Default check My Diet tag in search

With this function turned on, "My Diet" will be selected by default when you go to the Recipe Box to search for recipes.  If you prefer to manually select "My Diet" in the Recipe Box, you can slide the toggle to red to turn this feature off.



Timeline Notifications

Turn this feature on to get Timeline Notifications sent to your phone to tell you when to start the slow cooker or what you need to pull out to defrost.  Click here for detailed instructions.



If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please pop into chat, or send us an email at support at realplans dot com. 

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