Managing Your Whole30 Reset in the Mobile App

With your Real Plans subscription + Whole30 upgrade, you can customize your Whole30 meal plan to meet your specific dietary and scheduling needs.

If you are using the mobile app, you will follow the steps below. If you are using the website, click here to learn how to set up your Whole30 meal plan.

Select the Whole30 diet type

  • Click the gear icon (this is where you access your settings)
    • If you see Whole30 Meal Plan, then your diet type has already been set to Whole30
    • If you see Meal Plan, and you have already purchased the Whole30 upgrade:
      • Click on Meal Plan
      • Click on Diet and Schedule
      • Select Whole30 from dropdown menu under diet type

Set up your Whole30 meal plan

You will start setting up your Whole30 on the Diet and Schedule page.

  • If you are not already there, click on Whole30 Meal Plan
  • Click on Diet and Schedule
  • Select the default number of servings for the meal plan
  • Enter your Whole30 start date 
    • Your meal planner begins on the date of purchase to give you time to get familiar with your meal planner and do your shopping.
    • You will need to select a start date to begin your Whole30 countdown.
  • Real Plans will automatically make your meal plans Whole30 compliant, but to exclude additional foods, click Advanced dietary restrictions
    • To exclude an entire food group:
      • The food groups in green with a check mark next to them are included in your diet
      • Click on the food group to exclude it; you will see it change to gray and the check mark is replaced with an x
      • Once you have completed your food group exclusions, click Continue
      • Click here for a detailed explanation of each food group
    • To exclude an individual ingredient:
      • Enter the food you wish to avoid in the box under Search ingredients
      • From the list that is generated select the ingredients to exclude
      • Click on Confirm exclusions
      • Once you have finished selecting your individual ingredient exclusions, click Save and continue
    • Remember
      • Excluding foods reduces the number of recipes available in your Recipe Box
      • If you need to exclude nightshades from your diet, be sure to exclude both nightshades and potatoes (sweet potatoes are not nightshades)
      • We recommend not excluding foods for which you have a good substitution or could easily omit.  Here is a list of our Top 20 Ingredients that we recommend not excluding.

Set your meal planning schedule

Most of our happiest meal planners do not cook 3 meals a day. You can set your meal plan for when you really want to cook.

  • Drag the slider to the appropriate number of meals you want to cook each week
  • Click the box next to leftovers if you want to automatically double the number of servings for the dinner recipes
  • If you are done making changes, click Update, but if you would like to customize your schedule further, follow the steps below before you click Update

Customize your schedule

If you want to make your meal plan even more customized:

  • Click Advanced scheduling
  • Use the toggles to select the meals you would like scheduled each day
  • Customize the schedule using filters
  • Add notes
    • Add any notes that you want repeated on a specific meal each week

Save changes

  • Click Continue

Confirm your changes

  • Create my Whole30
    • Applies your changes to the current week and future weeks
    • This overwrites your entire plan, including the current week

If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please pop into chat, or send us an email at support(at)

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