Whole30 - Managing Your Whole30 Reset

We at Real Plans are excited to offer you fully mobile meal-planning assistance for your Whole30 Reset!  Here, you'll find out how to access and utilize these features so you can sail right through your Whole30! 

Turning on your Whole30 functions 

Let's begin by clicking on the Real Plans logo banner at the bottom of your screen and selecting My Settings.  Tap Options, followed by Advanced Settings. 



Here, you can turn your Whole30 Function on by sliding the toggle to the right.




You can toggle these functions off after you've completed your Whole30 and Reintroduction. Simply follow these steps to turn them back on to complete another Whole30 at a later time! 

To begin customizing your Whole30 , click on Whole30 Reset at the bottom of your screen. 




Basic Settings - Here you will be able to input your Whole30 start date and duration.




When you have entered your Whole30 details, click "Settings" in the upper left corner of your screen to continue developing your Whole30 Reset plan.

 Schedule - Here you will be able to toggle ON/OFF any available meal slot, as well as set up your Advanced Filters. For detailed instructions on setting up your Advanced Filters, please click here.  To see how the Advanced Filters can help you rock your Whole30, click here.

You can also include a weekly note in any meal slot by clicking on "+Add Note" next to any day of the week. For example, you might want to schedule leftovers into your Meal Planner or remind yourself of a weekly engagement that might affect your meal-planning.  You can see my notes in the photo below.




When you have finished setting up your perfect weekly schedule, please click "Done" in the upper right corner. 

Set up additional dietary restrictions - Your meal planner automatically excludes the sixteen food groups that are avoided during your Whole30. Use this section to further customize your planner to accommodate for allergies, food aversions, or foods that are not available to you. 

You can revert your Food Group exclusions at any time by clicking on Default Whole30 Food Groups.

Begin by clicking on Food Groups from your main Whole30 Reset menu. You will see two columns- on the left you will see food groups that are included in your Meal Planner, and on the right, food groups that are excluded. Simply click on a food group to move it to the opposite column. 




When finished, be sure to click on Done in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 

Lastly, we’ll look at excluding individual ingredients. To get started, click on Exclude Ingredients from your Whole30 Reset menu. This page will only show ingredients that are currently excluded from your Meal Planner. To re-include an ingredient, simply click on the ingredient name to move it to the Include column.

To exclude a new ingredient, type the ingredient name into the search field and hit Search. Select all of the matching ingredients that you’d like to exclude, and click Next. (If you don't see "Next", click the arrow pointing down to scroll down to see it.) 



You will now see those ingredients in your Exclude column.




Click on "Done" in the upper right corner of your screen to go back to the Whole30 Menu and save your changes. 

Once you have input all of your preferences, click on Create My Whole30. 




Select "Update My Plan" on the next screen. 




**When updating these Whole30 Settings, your Meal Planner will repopulate to accommodate your new preferences, which will overwrite your entire Meal Planner, including the current week.  You may wish to save or print your current meal plan before clicking on "Update My Plan" if you have already done your shopping or have customized this week's Meal Planner to your preferences.**

Creating or adjusting your Whole30 Settings on a computer or tablet? Find our full website tutorial here

Have Whole30-specific questions? Go here to learn more about the Whole30 Reset! 


If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please pop into chat, or send us an email at support at realplans dot com.

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