Manage Your Add-on Subscriptions

Your basic Real Plans subscription comes with the ability to add one or more of our awesome recipe contributors.  (You can learn more about them here.)  From your My Account page, you can see the contributors we offer and which ones are already added to your plan.  You can also add or cancel an add-on subscription.  Head to Settings > My Account and click on "Add Recipes" on the left side of the screen.


All of our contributors will appear on the screen, and those you already have added to your plan will have a check mark in the box.  To add one or more contributors, check the boxes you want, and click "Add subscription".  You will then be taken through the purchase process.  (Be sure to use the same email you use to sign in to Real Plans.)  For more information on adding an upgrade to your subscription, click here.

If you wish to cancel an add-on that you already have, simply uncheck the box next to that contributor.  You will be asked to confirm the cancellation of this contributor and will be taken through the cancellation process.  You will continue to have access to those recipes until the end of your paid subscription period.


 **Mobile app users:  This action must be performed on our website at this time.  You can access our website using your preferred device's web browser at**

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