Setting Up Your Whole30 Reset

With your Real Plans subscription + Whole30 upgrade, you can fully customize your Whole30 Reset to meet your specific dietary and scheduling needs!  First, make sure you have your Whole30 function turned on by going to Settings. If your Whole30 functions are on, you will see a link for "Whole30 Meal Plan," as shown below.



If you have purchased the Whole30 upgrade and you don't see "Whole30 Meal Plan," click My Meal Plan and select Whole30 from the Diet Type drop down menu.




This will change your diet type to Whole30 as well as activate the Whole30 functions. On the screen that opens, you can begin setting up your Whole30 Reset.



The first thing you will do is select the number of servings you want as the default.  Then you will enter your Whole30 start date.  Your subscription begins on the date of purchase to give you time to get familiar with your Whole30 Meal Planner and do your shopping. You will want to select a start date to begin your Whole30 Reset that will be after you have had a chance to explore the planner and get your shopping done.  You will have complete access to your Meal Planner prior to this date, but this is when your Whole30 countdown will begin.

Next, you will enter any additional dietary restrictions you may have. Your Whole30 exclusions will already be preset for you, so you only need to worry about foods you need to exclude due to allergies, intolerances, health conditions, or aversions.  If there is a certain food you know you will not be eating, you can exclude it from your plan so it will not show up in your Meal Planner. Click on "Modify dietary restrictions" to make changes to your excluded foods. This will open a new window where you can set up those exclusions.


To exclude a food group, simply highlight each food group you do not wish to eat and then click on Right_Arrow.pngto send those food groups to the Excluded list.  Should you decide at a later date to include those foods back into to your plan, you can come back to this page and highlight those foods from the Excluded list and click Left_Arrow.pngto send them back to the Included list. Please note that sending any of the preset Whole30 exclusions back to the Included list will mean that you are no longer in compliance with Whole30, so if you are planning to strictly follow Whole30, you will not want to move any of the preset exclusions back to the Included list.

 If you are not sure what certain food groups are or you need help deciding which ones to exclude, please click here for a detailed explanation of each food group so you can make the most informed decision on which foods to eliminate from your meal plan. 

**Note:  If you wish to exclude nightshades from your diet, be sure to exclude both nightshades *and* potatoes.  Potatoes are nightshades, but these food groups are separated to give you more options to your Whole30 Meal Planner in case you can tolerate potatoes and wish to leave them in your plan.  If you wish to exclude all nightshades, be sure you also exclude potatoes.  (Sweet potatoes are not nightshades and do not need to be excluded for this purpose).**   

If a food you wish to exclude is not on the Food Groups list as seen above, type the name of the food you wish to avoid in the box under "Find Ingredients to Exclude", and then click "Find Variants".  This will bring up all the variations of that food that you might see in our recipes.  You can manually check each food you wish to exclude or "Select All" to exclude them all.  Click on the Right_Arrow.png to send those foods to the Excluded Ingredients list.  Keep in mind that excluding foods does limit the number of recipes you will get on your Meal Planner, so exercise caution here.  We recommend not excluding foods for which you have a good substitution or could easily omit.  We also suggest not excluding foods that are on our Top 20 Ingredients list if at all possible to get the most variety in your Meal Planner.


Once you have finished setting up your exclusions, click Save.  This will take you back to the Diet and Schedule screen where you can select the number of recipes you want each week.

Setting up your Schedule - The next thing you will do is determine how many meals you want scheduled for you each day.  In the schedule section, select the number of meals you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner by dragging the tool to the left to decrease the number or the right to increase it.  

Now is also the time to decide if you want to include leftovers in your meal plan.  If you check that you want to have leftovers, the meal planner will automatically double the number of servings for the recipes for dinner. 

If you are happy with your settings at this point, click Save to move to the next screen.  However, you also have the option to choose which meals Real Plans will plan for you, fully customize each day of your weekly schedule to meet your needs, and add notes to remind you of weekly events or to schedule leftovers.  To further customize your schedule, click "See customized schedule," which will open a new window for you to work on your changes.


You can also use our Advanced Filters to fully personalize your Whole30 to meet your specific scheduling needs.  Please click here to see how our Advanced Filters can help you rock your Whole30!

Adding a note to your weekly plan will allow you to schedule leftovers on certain days or remind you that you will be eating out every Friday, for example. 



Once you have your schedule and dietary exclusions personalized to meet your needs, be sure to click on Save to save those changes. 


Making changes here will overwrite your ENTIRE plan, so if you have already crafted the perfect plan this week or have already done your shopping, you will want to be sure to save or print your plan before making any changes to your Whole30 Reset page.


Once you have updated your plan with your dietary and scheduling preferences, you will be taken to your new, fully customized Whole30 Meal Planner!


**Prefer to use the app?  Click here to learn how to set up your Whole30 Reset using our mobile app.**


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