Searching for Recipes in Your Recipe Box

Your Recipe Box is the place to find all of our Real Plans recipes, any contributor recipes you have added to your Real Plans Basic Subscription, and the recipes that you have imported or modified.  There are many different ways that you can search for recipes in your Recipe Box. To get to your Recipe Box, simply click on "Recipe Box" in the upper left corner of your Meal Planner.


When you enter the Recipe Box, the "My Diet" filter under "Diet Type" should already be checked by default.  This ensures that you will only see recipes that meet your diet type and any other exclusions that you entered in Settings > My Meal Plan (Settings > Whole30 Meal Plan for our Whole30 subscribers).  You can uncheck this filter if you want to see recipes outside your diet type and exclusions.  If you are following a special diet or have food allergies, keeping "My Diet" checked is recommended to be sure all of your recipes are compliant to your dietary needs.

Your Recipe Box comes equipped with several filters to help narrow your searches and find the perfect recipe.  To search for a recipe using the recipe title or an ingredient used in the recipe, simply type the name of the recipe or an ingredient you wish to use in the search box in the upper left of the Recipe Box.  You can then use the filters to narrow your search further, or you can leave the search box blank and search using only the filters. 


Let's take a look at all the ways you can use the Recipe Box search filters.

Filter by seasonLooking for a refreshing summer recipe, or are you hoping to use some of the delicious summer veggies you found at the farmer's market?  Just check "Summer", and all the summer recipes that meet your dietary criteria (if "My Diet" is checked) will appear.  Checking "Late Summer" will show you recipes that would be appropriate as the season transitions from summer to fall.  Filtering by season will take into account the types of fresh produce that are available in each season, as well as the types of meals you are more likely to cook in that season (BBQ for summer and comforting soups for winter, for example).  You can check multiple seasons to narrow results further. 


Filter by Diet TypeLooking for a vegetarian recipe for a friend that's coming over for dinner?  Need a Gluten-Free recipe for a get-together you are attending?  Being able to search by diet types helps you find special meals needed for occasions such as these.  It can also help you see the types of recipes you will get if you change your diet type.  If you are considering trying AIP, for example, you can check AIP under Diet Type to take a look at the available AIP recipes.  Note:  You can only search one Diet Type at a time, so checking another Diet Type will uncheck the "My Diet" filter.  If you are following a special diet, you will want to be sure to check "My Diet" back once you have finished your other Diet Type searches.


Filter by CourseYou can narrow your search down to the course you need.  Looking for a comforting soup?  Check "Soup" in the Course filter.  Want a salad for lunch?  Need some healthy snack ideas?  You can find it all by checking the appropriate course to narrow your search down to only the course you are looking for.


Filter by Main IngredientIf you have some chicken you want to use in a recipe this week, or you want to make something that uses vegetables as the main ingredient, you can choose the ingredient you want to spotlight here.


Filter by Tags.  Whether you need a slow cooker or pressure cooker recipe for a busy night, need a kid-friendly meal, or want to find something simple that doesn't take a lot of ingredients, you can do all of this and more using our Tags filter.  You can even create your own tags that will show up here!  Checking multiple tags will narrow your search even further. 


Search your rated recipes.  With our thumbs up/down rating system, you can tell us which recipes you like and which ones you don't.  The Rated Recipes filter allows you to easily search through recipes you have rated as "liked" to quickly add those to your Meal Planner.  If you have previously given a recipe a thumbs down, but your dietary preferences have changed, you can go through your "disliked" recipes to see if there are any you would like to add back to your Recipe Box.


Filter by CuisineIf you would like to find an Italian meal to add to your plan, or if your child is learning about Asia in school and wants to try an Asian recipe, you can search for them using the Cuisine filter.


Filter by Meal SizeIf you want a filling meal with leftover potential, you could select the "Large" Meal Size filter.  Medium-sized meals provide a scrumptious weeknight dinner, while small meals are lighter and maybe a bit quicker, too!


Filter by Origin This is where you will find your Real Plans Basic Subscription recipes, recipes you have modified (Real Plans-Modified), recipes you have imported (Imported By You), and all of your add-on recipes, like Nom Nom Paleo or Wellness Mama upgrades.  If you are looking for a recipe you imported, you can easily find it by checking the "Imported By You" box in the Origin filter.


Filter by Prep Time or Total Time You can search for recipes that take little time to prepare or have a total cooking time of under 30 minutes, if desired. 


Filter by Ingredient CostIf you need to keep your Shopping List budget-friendly, you can search for recipes using "$" under the Ingredients Cost filter. 


Filter by Whole30 Reintroduction ingredient.  Whole30 subscribers who have finished your Whole30 Reset and are ready for reintroductions can search using the Whole30 Reintroduction filter. (Must have Whole30 upgrade and have Whole30 function turned on to use this filter.)


Search using multiple filters.  To get the most relevant recipes, you can narrow your searches by choosing multiple filters.  For instance, you can search for an AIP recipe that is simple to make and uses chicken as a main ingredient.


Now that you know all the ways you can search for recipes in your Recipe Box, go see what deliciousness you can add to your Meal Planner this week!  Don't forget that you can add those yummy recipes to your Meal Planner without even having to leave the Recipe Box

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Need more help?  Come chat with us or send us an email on support at realplans dot com!  We'd love to help you find the perfect recipe to add to your Meal Planner!





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