How to Use Advanced Settings to Fine Tune your Meal Planner and Recipe Box

If you are using the website, you will follow the steps below to change your Advanced Settings. If you are using the mobile app, please click here.

Access your Advanced Settings

To access your Advanced Settings on the website,

  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the website (this is where you access your Settings
  • Click on My Meal Plan or Whole30 Meal Plan if you have Whole30 settings
  • Select Advanced Settings from the menu on the left side of the page



Under Advanced Settings, you can:

  • Choose the day that you want your weekly meal plan to start
    • We suggest the day AFTER you grocery shop
    • Changing the start day of the week can change your entire meal plan, so if you have already shopped for the week, be sure to save or print your current plan
  • Set your preferred recipe measurement (US or metric)
  • Decide if you only want seasonal recipes
    • For example, recipes with summer vegetables would be scheduled during the summer only
  • Turn on Email weekly meal plan to have your plan emailed to you each week
    • The Meal Planner is designed to create meal plans when you access the system, so you will need to log in periodically to review the meal plans that are generated for you.
  • Turn on Receive general emails to receive informational and promotional emails from us
  • Toggle your Whole30 functions on and off
    • This option is only visible if you have a Whole30 subscription
  • Toggle Macro Tracker functions on and off
    • This option is only visible if you have a Macro Tracker subscription
    • Macro Tracker is not available with the Whole30 diet type
  • Toggle Macro % based on to Total Carbs or Net Carbs
    • This options allows you to specify if you would like the nutritional information for carbs to be shown as total carbs or net carbs on the Planner 
    • This option is only visible if you have the Macro Tracker subscription and it is toggled to on
  • Toggle the Wellness Mama Cookbook functions off if you do not have a copy of her cookbook
    • This option is only visible if you have a Wellness Mama subscription
  • Choose your equipment settings if you want recipes that use:
    • Slow cooker
    • Pressure cooker
    • Sous vide
    • Air fryer
    • Food processor
    • Blender
    • Waffle iron

Save changes

  • Click Save

Pro Tip: some of the changes made on this page will remove all of the recipes that are currently scheduled and replace them with new recipes. Be sure to make the changes before you have shopped for the week.

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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