Advanced Settings- Fine tuning your Meal Planner and Recipe Box

With our Advanced Settings tab in Settings>Options, you can fine tune your Meal Planner and Recipe Box to improve your search results and find the recipes that work for you.


Show All "Serve With" Suggestions

Most of our entrees have a suggested recipe to serve with the entree as a side dish.  Turning this function on will allow you to see all the "serve with" suggestions, even if they do not meet your current dietary preferences.  If you only wish to see "serve with" suggestions that fit your diet type and exclusions, you would need to turn this function off by sliding the toggle to the left to turn it red (off). 


Show All Recipe Variants

Our recipes have many different variations to serve the different diet types we accommodate.  You might see several different versions of Garden Veggie Quiche, for example.  The same recipe might have dairy-free, gluten-free, AIP, and Whole30 versions.  To only see the variants that apply to your diet type, slide the toggle to red to turn this function off.


Show My Diet Tag to Recipe Box

With this function turned on, "My Diet" will be selected by default when you go to the Recipe Box.  If you prefer to manually select "My Diet" in the Recipe Box, you can slide the toggle to red to turn this feature off.

Turn on Wellness Mama Cookbook

This feature is available only if you have the Wellness Mama add-on.  Turning this on will allow The Wellness Mama Cookbook recipes to populate your Meal Planner.  You will be instructed to turn to the proper page of the cookbook for the recipe instructions.  This will allow the needed ingredients to populate your Shopping List.  If you do not own The Wellness Mama Cookbook, you can turn this function off.  If you don't own the cookbook but would like to utilize this function, you can purchase the Wellness Mama cookbook here:

When you have these settings adjusted to your liking, click "Update" to apply them and then "Done" to return to your Meal Planner.  You may have to log out and back in to activate these settings. 

**Using the app?  Click here to learn how to update your settings using our mobile app.**





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