Advanced Settings - Fine tuning your Meal Planner and Recipe Box

With our Advanced Settings tab, located under Settings > My Meal Plan (or Settings > Whole30 Meal Plan if you have Whole30 settings), you can fine tune your Meal Planner and Recipe Box.



Under Advanced Settings, you can:

  • Choose the day that you want your weekly meal plan to start. We suggest the day AFTER you grocery shop.
  • Set your preferred recipe measurement.
  • Decide if you only want seasonal recipes (e.g. recipes with summer vegetables would be scheduled during the summer only) or if you are okay with the system scheduling recipes that fit any season.
  • Turn on the notes fields in the meal planner. This function will give you clickable shortcuts to either add a note or a recipe quickly to a blank meal slot.
  • Have us email your plan to you each week by turning on the "Email weekly meal plan" toggle. In order to get your meal plan emailed to you on a weekly basis, it is important to log in to your Meal Planner regularly.  Since the Meal Planner is designed to create meal plans when you access the system, it does require you to log in periodically to take a look at the meal plans that are generated for you in order to make sure that everything is to your liking. 
  • Toggle your Whole30 settings on and off - if you have the Whole30 package.
  • Toggle Macro Tracker functions on and off, if you have purchased the Macro Tracker subscription.  Please note that Macro Tracker is not available with the Whole30 diet type.
  • If you have the Wellness Mama add on subscription, you have access to some recipes which require the use of her cookbook. Use this toggle to turn off the Wellness Mama cookbook recipes if you don't have a copy of her cookbook.
  • Choose your equipment settings. If you want to see recipes that require a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or sous vide, you can set that on this page.

Once you are done making your changes, click Save.

Still have questions? Hop on chat with our friendly meal planning geniuses.

**Using the app?  Click here to learn how to update your settings from our mobile app.**







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