Equipment Settings- Slow Cooker, Pressure Cooker, and Sous Vide Preferences

You can easily adjust your Equipment Settings to turn off appliances you don't own.  This will keep recipes using those appliances from showing up in your Meal Planner or Recipe Box.  From Settings->Options->Equipment Settings, simply slide the toggle to green for the appliances you own and to red for the ones you don't.  


Once you have adjusted these settings to meet your needs, select Done, and you will no longer see recipes using the appliances you turned off.  (You may need to log out and back in for these settings to apply.) You can change your Equipment Settings at any time, so if you end up getting a pressure cooker for Christmas, just come back and slide the toggle to green to see all of our delicious pressure cooker recipes.  Happy Cooking!

**Using the app?  Click here to see how to adjust your equipment settings from our mobile app.**

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