Shopping List - How to Manage your list according to where you Shop

Organize your shopping lists according to where you buy your groceries. If you get your produce at the farmers market, your meat at the butcher, and the rest through an online delivery service, you can always be organized. 

Create a list of the places that you shop.

From the mobile app, click on on the shopping cart icon on the blue bar on the bottom of your screen.  This will open your grocery list.

Tap "Shops" on the upper right of your screen.

From this screen, you can "+Add New Shop" or swipe left on any shop that you've entered to remove or rename a shop.

The shop that is starred at at the top is your default store. If you do not add a





Organize each item according to where you buy them.

Tap on any ingredient and then, click "Buy This From". You can select any of the shops you added, or click to "Add or Manage Shops".

Your items will automatically be filtered into different lists for each store.





 To assign an entire category to a specific shop: 

If you always buy your produce at the farmers market or buy all of your spices online, for example, you can set up an entire category to be purchased at one shop. 

Click on the "i" next to the category you'd like to assign, and then select your preferred shop.




Your assigned ingredients and categories will now be viewable in the Shopping List of the store to which they have been assigned.

When you are at each shop, simply open its Shopping List and check off your items as you go. Prepare to be the most organized shopper around!

Managing your shops on our desktop Meal Planner? See a full tutorial here.

If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please pop into chat with us, or send us an email at support at realplans dot com.

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