Customize Your Meal Plan with Filters

With the Real Plans App you can customize your plan to include all of your favorite foods, and exclude those that don't work for you. You can even customize each individual meal to accommodate guests, family traditions, or really anything that comes up.

To begin, click on the gear icon on the bottom right of your app screen.

Select Customize meal plan and diet. (This option will not be available to you if you are a Whole30 subscriber.)

Select Customize my plan.

Now you can select food groups that you want to exclude, based on your preferences. 

When you are finished, click Continue to add additional filters.


On this next screen you have the option to exclude ingredients that you don't want on your meal plan.

You can type to search or scroll to through our list of common ingredients.

Click Save and Continue to further customize your plan.

This will bring you to the Schedule screen.

On this screen, first choose the meals that you want to cook by moving the toggles to the right.

Remember: Our happiest meal planners do not schedule every single meal. Some meals you will eat leftovers or eat out. Be realistic.

After you choose the meals that you are planning, you can click on the +Add Filter beneath the meal.

Here is where you get to be super picky. If you like Asian food on Saturdays. You can select that under Cuisine. If you're just not a big breakfast eater, choose a small meal size. Meatless Mondays? Select Vegetable as your main ingredient. Short on time? Want meals from your favorite contributor. This is where you choose them.

Alter the number of servings that you want to cook by scrolling down. If you typically cook for 4 but are having company you can change the number of servings for just the one meal.

Just remember, it is only filtering for the specific day and meal that you have selected.

When you are finished, click Confirm Filters and Continue.


From here, you have the option to Update my Plan or Update my Future Plan.

Choose carefully, if you have already planned your current week and gone grocery shopping, choose Update my Future Plan.


Prefer to adjust your Filters on our website? Go here to see the full tutorial along with detailed explanations of each filter. 

Still have questions? Pop into chat by clicking on the gear symbol on the bottom right of your screen and click the Get Help button. We have 24 hour meal planning enthusiasts to help you every step of the way.  You can also send us an email at


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