How to Customize Your Meal Planner Using Advanced Filters in the Mobile App

With our Advanced Filters, you can customize your Meal Planner to meet your scheduling needs. 

If you are using the mobile app, you will follow the steps below.  Website users, click here to see how to change your Advanced Filters using the website.

Customize your schedule

  • Click the gear icon (this is where you access your settings)
  • Click Meal Plan or Whole30 Meal Plan
  • Click Diet and Schedule

Open Customized Scheduling

  • Click Customized Scheduling
  • Select the days you want a meal scheduled

Set up your advanced filters

  • Click on +Add Filter next to the meal for which you want to customize
  • Things to consider before you use the filters to customize your schedule:
    • Choose the fewest filters possible to meet your needs 
    • Choosing multiple filters will result in fewer recipes available for that meal 
    • Click on Remove Filter to remove all filters for that meal
  • Available filters include:
    • Meal size
      • A large meal would be a filling meal with leftover potential
      • A medium meal works well for weeknight dinners
      • A small meal is lighter and usually take less time to cook   
    • Main ingredient
      • Choose the preferred main ingredient for the recipe scheduled
    • Course
      • Use the Course dropdown to schedule an entree
    • Active time
      • Schedule meals that take less than fifteen minutes or half hour to prepare for busy nights.
    • Tags
      • Choose from a variety of tags
      • Schedule a slow cooker meal or pressure cooker meal, if desired
      • Use the "Simple" tag to schedule meals that take less time to make and have fewer ingredients
    • Cuisine
      • Select a specific cuisine, if desired
    • Favorite Recipes
      • Specify that you want recipes that you have marked as favorites in the Recipe Box
    • Origin
      • Select the days you want a recipe from a specific add-on recipe collection
      • The planner will only list the add-on recipe collections you currently have available
    • Add a specific recipe
      • Search for and add a recipe that you want scheduled for this meal time each week
    • Leftovers
      • Select if you want leftovers for this meal by using the dropdown menu
    • Override Servings for this meal
      • If you normally cook dinner for 4 but only cook for 2 for lunch, you can change the "Cook for" number to reflect the number of servings you need for each meal.
      • If you selected that you want leftovers on the Diet and Schedule page, this will be reflected automatically in your filters.
    • Remove Filters
      • Clears all of that selected filters for that meal
  • Click on Confirm Filters to save the filters for that meal

Save changes

  • Once you have made all of the changes on your Customized Scheduling page, click Continue

Confirm your changes

  • Update my plan
    • Applies your changes to the current week and future weeks
    • This overwrites your entire plan, including the current week
  • Update my future plan
    • Applies your changes on the following week's meal plan
    • The current week will not change
    • This option is not available for Whole30 meal plans

If you need assistance, please send us an email at support(at)

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