How To Customize Your Meal Plan: My Schedule

Once you've customized your diet settings, you are now ready to customize your weekly schedule and craft your perfect meal plan. (Whole30 users:  Select Settings >Whole30 to customize your diet and schedule.)



In the schedule section, select the number of meals you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner by dragging the tool to the left to decrease the number or the right to increase it.  

Now is the time to decide if you want to include leftovers in your meal plan.  If you check that you want to have leftovers, the meal planner will automatically double the number of servings for the recipes for dinner.

If you are happy with your settings at this point, click Done to move to the next screen.  However, you also have the option to choose which meals Real Plans will plan for you, fully customize each day of your weekly schedule to meet your needs, and add notes to remind you of weekly events or to schedule leftovers.  To further customize your schedule, click "See customized schedule," which will open a new window for you to work on your changes.


If you would like to use a pre-set template, this is the place to select the one that best fits your needs.  Available templates include: Single, Couple, Family, Dinner Only, My Template.

If you would like to fully customize the schedule, there are many options available that you can set, as shown below.



 1.  Our Meal Planner will use the information you select to plan meals on the days you choose.  If you eat lunch at the office on Wednesdays, you do not need Real Plans to plan your lunch on that day, so you can slide that toggle to the left to turn it off.  If you want to plan for leftovers for your lunches, you can slide all the lunches to off since you don't need us to plan those for you.  The number of meals you decide to cook is completely up to you. 

2.  If you want to customize your schedule even more, you can go ahead and use our Advanced Filters to schedule meals that meet your specific needs.  Our Advanced Filters support article will give you more detailed information on how to use our Advanced Filters to fully customize your week.  This is where you can increase the number of servings for a specific meal to plan for leftovers the next day or tell the meal planner to schedule a slow cooker meal every Monday.  There are so many possibilities, and this will help make sure you are getting the types of meals that work for you.

3.  Under each day of the week on the left-hand side, you will see the words "Add Note".  This is where you can tell the Meal Planner to schedule leftovers for lunch.  Select "Add Note" and then "Lunch" (or any meal you wish to plan for leftovers), and type in your note ("Leftovers from Friday's dinner", for example).  Now, your meal planner will remind you to eat those leftovers you have from the extra dinner you cooked on Friday!  You can also write things like "lunch at the office", "grab a snack for soccer practice", or any other note that you need.  Remember that what you type in here will show up every week on your Meal Planner.  (For more detailed instructions on adding a note to your Meal Planner, click here.)

4.  Once you've made all your schedule changes, click Done or Save to confirm how you want your choices applied. 


This will take you back to the main Diet and Schedule page. If you are done making your changes, click Save at the bottom.

If you have already made changes to this week's meal plan or have already done your shopping for the week, select "Update my future plan".  This will keep this week's plan the way it is and update future weeks.  If you don't want to keep this week's plan, select "Update my plan" to apply your changes immediately.  This will overwrite your entire plan, including the current week.  


Your new fully customized meal plan is ready to go!  Select "Go to Meal Planner" to feast your eyes upon your new plan.


**Mobile app users:  Click here to learn how to customize your schedule from our mobile app.**




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